The importance of location for food manufacturing sites

When setting up a new food factory, selecting the right site is a crucial first step in the process. Factors such as location, accessibility, size and zoning regulations all need to be considered to ensure your project's success.

Identify your requirements with a design report

Willett Food Projects has extensive experience identifying suitable sites for food manufacturing projects. We start by undertaking a feasibility study or design report to identify your future site's requirements. The report outlines numerous design requirements, including the size of current and future production lines, height and function of the equipment, utility requirements of the site equipment and services and yard size, which depends on goods-in and goods-out conditions. All of these factors will impact whether the site is suitable for you.

food factory

Evaluating potential sites for your food manufacturing facility 

From there, we conduct a thorough site assessment. We evaluate the potential of a specific site to meet your needs–carefully considering factors such as the location and access to transportation routes. We also evaluate the existing infrastructure and utilities, as well as the potential for expansion or redevelopment of the site.

Navigating regulatory compliance for your food factory

To avoid problems down the line, ensuring compliance from the outset is crucial. That's why we assess zoning regulations when evaluating potential factory sites. Once you've locked down the right site, our experienced team can also help you navigate the complexities of food safety and site safety regulations. With us as your partner, you can move ahead with confidence that your project is starting on solid ground. Why not get in touch today to see how we can help?

Posted on May 22nd 2023

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