A Day in the Life of an On-site Principal Contractor

As a principal contractor on a food factory site in the UK, a typical day is busy and varied. The principal contractor (PC) is responsible for overseeing the construction or refurbishment of the site, and ensuring that health and safety regulations / CDM 2015 Regulations are adhered to at all times. The day might start with a site meeting with the contractors and the rest of the project team, discussing progress on the site, any issues that have arisen, and what needs to be done next. The principal contractor would then spend some time liaising with subcontractors and ensuring they were aware of their responsibilities and deadlines.

Ensuring safety and compliance on site

 During the day, the PC needs to be aware of on-site health and safety risks at all times. They also have to ensure that appropriate measures are in place to mitigate these risks. They might carry out regular site inspections and audits, ensuring all workers are wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and machinery is being used safely.

Overseeing progress and troubleshooting

The principal contractor also needs to ensure the project is progressing according to schedule and within budget. They might need to manage any unexpected issues, such as delays due to poor weather or unforeseen problems with the site.

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Coordinating with subcontractors and team members

Communication is a crucial part of the role. The PC typically spends a significant amount of time liaising with the client, subcontractors and other members of the project team. They need to be able to manage competing priorities and conflicting demands, ensuring that everyone is working towards the same goals.

Planning ahead 

At the end of each day, the PC reviews the progress and plans for the following day–ensuring everything is on track and the project is moving towards successful completion. The role of a principal contractor on a food factory site is challenging and rewarding, requiring a high level of skill, knowledge and attention to detail.

Posted on May 27th 2023

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