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Project Management

Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group (SSMG)

Willett Food Projects Ltd designed, project managed, and facilitated the refurbishment of SSMG’s new shellfish production facility in Motherwell. At an early stage we assisted SSMG in identifying a suitable location, fit out spec and design for the new facility that would become twice the operational capacity of their current factory.

By analysing their current operations we were able to design a facility with new cooking and blast chilling capacities that suited their current and future operational needs. This created an effective site layout based on product flow rather than separate factory units.

Once a design was agreed, WFP managed the tendering process using many years of experience in the food industry to identify the best value for money contractors. WFP assumed the role of Principle contractor, under the CDM 2007 Regs, and managed the build of the new facility.

We are proud to announce that our 100% accident free record was maintained while finishing the project within time and budget.

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Uin Foods

Willett Food Projects Ltd were asked to project manage the renovation of UIN foods dough mixing room. Even though it looked like a simple project it was complicated by the need to keep the current mixing area running while construction was on going.

Willett Food Projects were able to design a solution and tight program that enabled staged modifications to the building walls, services and fabric without impacting production at all.

The finished room which linked the old mixing room to the production hall was completed early and on budget.

Factory Design


Willett Food Projects were selected to design the new jam and chutney factory in Wiltshire. We started the journey with Tracklement by undertaking a feasibility study to identify the preferred production process. We then simultaneously selected the factory equipment and factory finish that would best suit the products and processes of the factory.

Project Mustard - The design and project management of a new food factory to produce high quality chutneys, sauces and mustards. All the mechanical, electrical, refrigeration services were coordinated and new equipment installed prior to the transfer of existing equipment from the old factory. The final equipment hook up period was critical to minimise production downtime.

The new factory has a bright and airy feel due to plenty of natural light reaching assembly areas. A generous amount of external windows and internal vision panels were installed. This superb facility has provided a great increase in production capability and complies to all BRC audit requirements. Completed July 2007.

John Wilkins Tracklements Operations Director comments:

"We are delighted with the new factory and cannot praise Willett Food Projects highly enough for the skills and commitment they brought to an extremely daunting project.

We have ended up with a factory that works exactly how we envisaged it would and one that we are proud to show our customers and friends. From first design through to final build, what could have been an exacting journey turned into one that had every eventuality covered"

Love Chin Chin

Willett Food Project Ltd were selected to help Love Chin Chin take their new product to market. Love Chin Chin had received orders from the major supermarkets and needed to get production up and running as their DIY set up was unsustainable. We started by identifying the production process and helped specify the appropriate production equipment that would match the future order book capacity. We helped Love Chin Chin move into an appropriate sized premisis with equipment that suited their needs. Our services were also provided at half price, as Love Chin Chin were successful in applying for Manufacturing Advisory Service  ( grants funds, in which are Willett Food Project Ltd registered consultant.

Feasability Studies

Pipers Farm

Pipers farm, who are a specialist meat producer, asked Willett Food Projects Ltd to produce a feasibility report for a new meat processing factory.

We spent time at their premises analysing current practices. We then developed a new site based on some old traditional butchery and some new techniques that would increase production without sacrificing quality. 

This was put together in a feasibility report with factory capacity forecasts, designs, costs and a project program. The feasibility study has given the Pipers Farm team realistic data that they can use to build a medium to long term strategy with.  

Scottish Salmon

Scottish Salmon were unsure which site might be most appropriate for a new processing factory. Willett Food Projects Ltd were requested to undertake a site feasibility study to determine the best site based on civil and engineering principles.

We undertook multiple surveys of the topography, geology and hydrology from each site, to best understand which would suit the new processing facility. Our recommendation were then used to focus capital spending in the long term.

CDM & Site Management

Hovis Big Box

Willett Food Projects Ltd were selected as the principal contactor for the Hovis Nationwide plant refurbishment project named Big Box.

We were selected for our balance between food process engineering, health and safety and food safety knowledge. The aim was to refurbish the aging provers, ovens and coolers with new technology and parts.

We managed 9 project over 7 site, clocking up over 6500 site hours with zero reportable accidents and zero cross contamination issues.  This was a great success considering all the CDM sites were managed within a fully functioning food production site, while under customer audits.

Hovis Robots

Willett Food Projects Ltd were asked to project manage the installation of Hovis Ltd first robots at two separate sites.

The first was an autonomous depanner that was a one of design for the specialist food process.

The second was a delidder, which selected from a multitude of tasks to optimise the bead proving and baking process. In both cases we designed, project managed and were the nominated Principal contractor for the work. Both projects were designed so factory production could continue while construction of the robots took place. Willett Food Projects was the acting principal contractor for both projects stratifying the CDM 2007 regulations from construction to commissioning. 

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