Food Factory - CDM Principal Designer.

Willett Food Projects Ltd are currently acting as CDM Principal Designer as described in the CDM 2015 Regulations, on multiple projects within the food manufacturing sector.  Willett Food Projects Ltd are well placed to act as not only Principal Contractor but can also act as Principal Designer.

Willett Food Projects Ltd have been designing food factories for over 15 years, and been acting as a Principal Contractor since 2007. This mixture of engineering, H&S and food factory knowledge makes Willett Food Projects Ltd specialists at identifying potential food safety, health and safety and design issues in any new factory design. Acting as principal designer within the food manufacturing sector requires more than just health and safety knowledge, it requires practical knowledge of how food factories work in practice.

Willett Food Projects Ltd is well placed to help you design an efficient, compliant and well balanced food factory, while keeping you informed of your legal duties under CDM 2015 Regulations. 

Posted on January 14th 2019

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